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Tour policy


The tours in the completely see-through glass kayaks are a great activity for children, as they get to experience the fjord and the life beneath the surface in a completely new way. We recommend that the children are at least three years old, but it is completely up to you as a parent to judge if your child can handle 1,5-2 hours on the fjord. Please note that we only have life jackets for the smallest children (10-20 kg). The rest of the sizes are swimming vests (50N), so if you want your older child to wear a life jacket, you are welcome to bring that yourself. 

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult, and children under the age of 11 must in general share a kayak with an adult they're familiar with.


We'll wait 5 minutes for people who are late. After that, the tour will be held as planned, and you'll will not get a refund. If you show up with fewer people than you have booked for, the spare tickets will not be refunded. Please try to show up 5-10 minutes before the tour starts. Always let us know as soon as possible if you are late! Call (0045) 58 14 14 58. 

According to Danish consumer law § 18-25 (right of cancellation), you don't have any right of cancellation on goods and services related to leisure and culture that is set for a specific time (for example, lodging, food, car rental, concert tickets, tickets in general, etc.) Therefore, you cannot cancel your purchase of tickets to VisionKayak. However, if you let us know more than 14 days before your booked trip that you'd like to move your tickets to another date, we can do that. It is only possible to move your tickets once. 
We value your participation and understand that circumstances can change. If you find yourself unable to attend the trip you have booked tickets for, please inform us as soon as possible. Your communication is important for us to manage the tour arrangements effectively and ensure your satisfaction. 

At any given time, the current Danish law and the terms written on the Danish website www.visionkayak.com/turpolitik always apply. Please use Google Translate to double-check. 


Everyone must wear a swimming vest on the tours. We have great vests available from size junior up to size XXL. If you wish to wear a life jacket instead of a swimming vest (50N), you have to bring that yourself. 

You can bring snacks and drinks on the trip if you'd like. It is however only permitted to drink maximum one beer or the like. We recommend bringing at least one bottle of water pr. person. 

If the weather doesn't allow us to row, VisionKayak can either change the route to one more appropriate for the conditions, postpone the tour, or cancel the tour altogether. You'll be offered a spot on another tour or offered a voucher so you can book new seats on a trip later. Nothing matters more to us than your safety!

We keep the right to cancel and/or postpone any tours at any time. The tour can be cancelled right up 'till the tour is scheduled to start. If we cancel or postpone a tour, you'll be rebooked for another one or receive the amount as a gift card/voucher so you can book new tickets later. We do not refund or pay any cost you have in relations to the tour, like your transportation to Marienlyst Strand in Skive. 


We are committed to the security of personal data and take appropriate security measures to limit abuse and unauthorized access to it. This ensures that only the necessary persons have access to your data, that access to the data is protected, and that our security measures are regularly reviewed.

The security measures we use consist of but are not limited to:

Vulnerability Detection
HTTP Strict Transport Security and related security headers
Recommended site hardening features

Would you like to come?

Experience the seaweed waving underneath the glass kayak, explore the otherwise hidden and secret life below the surface, and enjoy a lovely trip on the Limfjord. It's the perfect activity for both old and young! Choose between three different types of tours: morning-, sunset-, or full moon tours, or book a private event if you're more than ten people.
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