The tours in numbers

Max. 4 km

Depends on the group

1,5-2 hours

Depending on the speed


Enchanting, unique experience

About the tours, the route, and the Limfjord

The tours are in the unique, completely see-through glass kayaks from VisionKayak. You'll only find the glass kayaks a handful of places in Europe, so this is a unique chance to go explore in a giant window to the life beneath the surface. The kayaks are wide, stable, and open like a canoe, and at the same time, they have the low center of gravity and the paddle of the kayak. All in all, this gives an incredibly stable and safe tour, so you don't need any experience in rowing or sailing to join us. 

The morning tours always starts at 10 o'Clock, while the sunset- and full moon tours starts at various times throughout the season, as the starting time depends on the time of the sunset and moonrise. You can more information about this at the individual tours. All the tours starts at Marienlyst Strand in Skive, which is situated in the center of Jutland in Denmark. Each tour lasts 1,5-2 hours including a short introduction to the glass kayaks and basic steering technique on land before we head out. The route that we follow is four kilometers, but it's not always we make it all the way to Skive Harbour - and that's completely alright! The most important thing is that everyone has a great experience and tour, and now and then we spend a lot of time exploring a smaller area of the fjord. Therefore, it doesn't matter if we reach a specific target, and the length of the tours depends entirely of the group, but the maximal length is four kilometers. 

The tours in the crystal-clear kayaks are at a speed that everyone can follow. We have fun and take our time to explore the world that's otherwise normally hidden by the surface. There's plenty of time to drift and enjoy the sun and the nature, and you're more than welcome to bring snacks. 

We row on the inner part of Skive Fjord, which is a part of the Limfjord. It's very protected and safe waters, as we have coast almost all the way around us. At the same time, you don't have to worry about scary undercurrents and the like - as there are none! There's only a few big rocks and areas of mussels, but your tour guide will let you know before you get stranded. 

Skive Fjord is a part of the Limfjord as already mentioned, and the water is salt. 
When the wind is from West, which it mostly is in Denmark, we are sheltered from the wind because of the higher coast. This means that even if we have quite a bit of wind, we will not be bothered by it. It's also on the days with wind from the West that the water is most clear. When the wind now and then comes from either North or South, we'll get a bit more exercise either on our back out or back home, and on the other way, we really get to relax and enjoy being pushed by the wind. A big part of the way, however, the curved coast shelters us a bit. Very rarely, the wind comes from East. When this happens, the wind blows across the fjord, which can cause small waves. If there's more than 6-7 m/sec wind, the tour will be cancelled. The waves whirls the fine particle of the bottom of fjord up into the water and makes it unclear. On these days, we'll just enjoy the experience above the surface even more. That's just a part of the charme of nature; you can't control it.

We meet at Marienlyst Strand (Marienlyst Beach) in Skive, zipcode 7800, Denmark. The coordinates for the beach are N 56°35.782', E 9°02.625'
Gavekort til VisionKayak - ture i glaskajakker på Limfjorden

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Make someone you care about happy with a gift card to a completely unique experience in the crystal clear glass kayaks on the Limfjord. The glass kayaks are only found a handful of places in Europe, and the work as a giant window to the secret life normally hidden by the surface. You'll feel like you're diving - but without getting your feet wet.

The gift card can be used on our morning-, sunset-, or full moon tours. Invite your special other on a romantic trip underneath the sunset, or make the family happy with a morning tour where you really get to explore the bottom of the fjord.

You'll receive a pretty, physical gift card ready to get the lucky receivers name written on it and be wrapped up. If you'd like, you can also receive the gift card digitally and ready for you to print out at home. The gift card will have a code that you can use when booking your tour of choice.  
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