Recommendations and FAQ about GLASS KAYAK®

Frequently asked questions

Here, you will find our recommendations for clothing, what you need to bring on the tour, how to distribute in the kayaks, as well as answers to the most common questions about the tours, the fjord, and the transparent canoe/kayak hybrids.

If you cannot find an answer to your particular question here, you are very welcome to contact VisionKayak. You will find contact information HERE

Practical informationWeight limits, rowing alone, food and drinks, etc.

Here, you can find answers to the most common questions about kayaks and VisionKayak's trips. You will also find recommendations for clothing, food, drink, etc. If you have not found an answer to your question, you are, of course, welcome to contact us.
Weight limits for the kayaks
Each kayak can carry 190 kg, which is divided between two people as the kayaks are double kayaks.

If the weight limit becomes problematic in relation to two people in the kayak, the transparent kayaks can also be rowed alone. When booking your ticket(s), you simply need to tell the system that you'll be rowing alone by choosing the Single Kayak-ticket option. The booking system will automatically know not to let anybody else book the extra seat in your kayak. The Single Kayak-option comes at an additional cost, as the preparation and packing, cleaning of the kayak, etc., is the same whether one or two people have been in the kayak. The Single Kayak-ticket option may be booked by anyone for whatever reason they may have to row alone.

Apart from the weight limit, you just need to be sure that you are able to get in and out of the kayak unassisted and able to row the entire tour.
Is it possible to row the kayak by yourself, single-handedly, or alone?
Yes, you can easily row the kayak alone as an adult.

This also allows you to bring small children with you on the tours, even if the child isn't old enough to row. Please see the page for families with children for more information HERE.

If you participate alone, in a group with an odd number of participants, or for some other reason need to row alone, and you want to be absolutely sure that you will not have to share a kayak with others or strangers, you must book your ticket as a "Single kayak ticket."

When you book a single kayak ticket, you will still get to row a kayak with two seats, but this way, the system will automatically book both seats for you, so you have peace of mind knowing that you will not be sharing the kayak with others.
We are an uneven number of participants. Is that a problem?
No, it is not a problem if you are an odd number of participants, although there are two seats in each kayak. An adult can easily row a GLASS KAYAK® alone.

If your group consists solely of adults or more adults than children, the last person can choose to either row alone or with a person from another group if there are several groups with an odd number of people.

If your group consists of an odd number of participants with more children than adults, you have different options to choose from. You can find them HERE

If you, as a group with an odd number of participants, want to ensure that the last person rows alone and not with a stranger from another group, you must choose one of the tickets as the "Single Kayak" option. This way, the booking system reserves both seats in the last kayak so that you are sure to row.

If the "Single Kayak"-option has not been chosen when booking, VisionKayak reserves the right to put one of your group members in a kayak with a member from a different group. 
Do I need special skills, experience, or licenses to participate?
No, everyone can join regardless of age and whether you have rowing experience or not! It is, therefore, no obstacle if you have never tried rowing before - or have not tried water sports in general. We'll help you get started!

The tour starts with an introduction to basic rowing techniques, the area, and safety. Everyone is given approved buoyancy aids (life jackets for the smallest child size and swimming vests for all others) to be worn throughout the trip.
At least one instructor from VisionKayak is always present to ensure safety along the way, help with techniques, and answer any questions about the area's flora, fauna, etc.

We row close to the coast in shallow, calm water.
How old does children need to be to participate?
Everyone can participate regardless of age. We have vests down to Junior Mini (10-20 kg) size.

It is entirely up to you as a parent to assess whether your child will enjoy the tour, but we recommend that the child is at least two years old. It's an excellent experience for children, who often sit with their noses pressed against the bottom of the kayak (so you probably shouldn't expect much help rowing the kayak from them :-) ) and direct their adults back and forth on the hunt for crabs and the other animals below.

Children under the age of 11 must always have an adult they know with them in the same kayak to ensure the best, safest experience.
Do you have any questions concerning taking children on a kayak tour with us? Feel free to reach out!
What to wear on warm days
It's always better to be too hot and be able to take a layer off than to feel cold and not be able to do anything about it. The air is often a little cooler on the water, which can be nice on a hot summer's day - but remember that children often get cold more quickly, so it is better to have too much clothing than too little.

On lovely summer days, swimwear or T-shirts/shorts are an obvious choice. If you are in doubt, you can, e.g., bring a small windproof jacket. If you want to take extra clothes on the tour and keep them dry, you can buy dry bags from us.

Finally, remember sunscreen, sunglasses, and a sun hat! The light on the water is intense (!!), as the surface reflects sunlight, making it essential to take good care of both skin and eyes. Apply sunscreen well before the trip so that it has time to dry and does not rub off and risk ruining vests and kayaks.
What to wear on cooler days and during evening tours
It's always better to be too hot and be able to take a layer off than to feel cold and not be able to do anything about it. Therefore, remember to dress appropriately for the weather. 
The air is also often a little cooler on the water, which can be really nice on a hot summer's day - but if it's already cool on land, you should, therefore, expect to wear some extra clothes.

Do you have children with you? Remember that children often sit more quietly on kayak tours than adults, who are often given the task of being the "propulsion engine". Children, therefore, get cold even more easily. Therefore, remember an extra jacket, warm sweater, or similar. Then you can always take it off along the way if your child gets hot. You can also encourage your child to move a little along the way on the cooler days so that their body is kept moving and helps them stay warm and comfortable.

If you want to bring extra sweaters/jackets/clothes on the tour, you can buy a dry bag from us. In it, you can pack the extra clothes so that they stay completely dry during the tour until needed.

Rain pants are a really good idea for the whole family. It can drip a little from the paddle when you row, and it's nice to have a waterproof layer on your legs so that the water rolls off instead of soaking your pants and making you feel cold.

It is a good idea to put on a little extra clothes. Especially on the evening tours, as it gets colder when the sun sets. We suggest using the three-layer principle (inner layer: sweat-transporting to keep you dry, middle layer: insulating, outer layer: wind and waterproof). It can, for example, be a set of long woolen underwear with a pair of thicker trousers over it, a nice wool jumper (and possibly a down jacket over that if you get cold easily), and then a good set of shell or rainwear on the outside. Remember to put on a pair of good, thick socks, and possibly a pair of gloves and a hat at the beginning and end of the season, when it can be colder.
Shoes and bare feet
It is important that we help each other take care of the kayaks so that they are also transparent and beautiful for the next guests to join the tours.

It is, therefore, important that, if you wish to wear shoes, you are careful to remove sand and pebbles that may have stuck to the soles before you get into the kayak. You can, for example, do this by carefully dipping the sole of the shoe into the water. This washes sand, dirt, etc., off. If you wish to wear shoes, please note that it drips a little from the paddles when rowing, so your shoes may get wet during the tour.

Many choose to do the tour barefoot —just remember to apply sunscreen to your feet. If you plan on kayaking barefoot, it's a good idea to wear flip-flops or sandals during the instruction on land so you don't risk cutting your feet on a mussel. Then, once you hop into your kayak, you can remove your flip-flops and store them in the back of the kayak.

We highly recommend that you row with bare feet, in flip-flops or swimming shoes—without sand on the soles—both for your comfort and to ensure the clarity of the kayaks.
Food and beverages: what do I need to bring with me on the tour?
"Without food and drink, the hero will not do," as a Danish saying goes. We recommend taking at least a bottle of water with you on the tour, but you are very welcome to bring snacks, packed lunches, coffee/cocoa, and the like. Maximum one standard drink (one alcoholic drink equivalent) per person, just like when driving a car.

It might be a good idea to bring a towel just in case - e.g. to sit on in the car home after the tour. A change of clothes is also an option.

On evening tours, you are very welcome to bring a flashlight so that you can still see underwater after dark.

Also, remember to wear sunglasses or a sun hat and to apply sunscreen, but do so well before the trip so that it can dry completely and not discolor the kayak.

If you want to carry an extra shirt or similar item with you and store it dry in the kayak, you can buy one of our clever drybags for easy, dry storage during the tour.
Can I rent a GLASS KAYAK® at other times than the tours in the booking calendar? 
Yes, you sure can! For larger parties, bus travels, birthdays, events, company excursions, or the like, you can book a private event for your group. You can read more about this option under the "GROUPS" menu tab.

If you are not part of a larger group, you are welcome to request tour dates. If we have many sold-out tours and/or several inquiries on the same date, we may be able to create an extra tour on your desired date.

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, it is not possible to rent a GLASKAJAK® without an instructor or outside of a tour.
What is a GLASS KAYAK®?
VisionKayak's GLASS KAYAK® is a transparent canoe/kayak hybrid with the best of both worlds. They are wide, stable, and open, just like a canoe. At the same time, you have a low center of gravity with the seats positioned right down on the bottom of your GLASS KAYAK®, which provides extra stability, and a paddle for effortless, ergonomic propulsion just like in a kayak.

Our GLASS KAYAK® is not made of glass - fortunately. So you don't have to worry about it suddenly breaking under you. On the contrary, they are made of polycarbonate, a material that you may know from bulletproof windows. The canoe/kayak hybrids are, therefore, very strong, flexible, and safe.

GLASS KAYAK® is also a protected trademark owned by VisionKayak. VisionKayak is the first and original place in Denmark and the rest of Northern and Central Europe to offer trips in a transparent kayak.
Is the Limfjord sweetwater or saltwater? 
The water in Skive Fjord, which we row on, is salty. Skive Fjord is part of the Limfjord, which is connected and supplied with fresh saltwater by the North Sea to the West and the Kattegat to the East.

Despite the definition of a fjord and the name of the waters, the Limfjord is, therefore, closer to a large channel than a fjord, as there is an opening at both ends. Many years ago, however, it was not like this; the Limfjord was indeed a fjord with only one opening: the opening towards the Kattegat at Hals. Since then, however, the North Sea has eaten its way into the fjord at Thyborøn, and it is now closer to a canal than a fjord. However, it is still called the Limfjord.
Which animals and plants can we see on the tours?
There is plenty to experience both outside and above the surface of the fjord on the tours. We have compiled an overview of some of the animals and plants in and around the fjord, which you can find HERE
Recommendations for families with children
We have put together a number of specific recommendations for families with children. Here, you will find, e.g., an overview of how to distribute yourself in the kayaks if there are more children than adults or vice versa, special tips for clothing for children on the tours, etc.
You will find all of this on the page for children and their families HERE
Can I bring my dog on the GLASS KAYAK® tour?
Yes, you sure can! Dogs are welcome on VisionKayak's tours in GLASKAJAK®.
We recommend that you read more about taking your dog on the GLASS KAYAK®-trips on the page for dog owners HERE

FAQ for families with children:Recommendations for a nice family outing on the Limfjord, Denmark

The tours in GLASKAJAK® are fantastic for families with children of all ages. We have collected a number of specific family-oriented tips and tricks and answered the most common questions about taking children on trips in GLASKAJAK®, on the page for children HERE.
FAQ for families

FAQ for dog owners:A happy dog on a GLASS KAYAK®-tour

It is fantastic to be able to take your dog out on adventures, and therefore, your dog is, of course, more than welcome on the canoe/kayak trips in GLASKAJAK®.
We have therefore collected a number of specific tips and recommendations in our dog-FAQ on the page for dogs HERE
FAQ for dogs
Oplevelser med hund - hundevenlig aktivitet - kano/kajaktur med hund i GLASKAJAK på Limfjorden ved Skive i Jylland. Attraktion hvor hunde må medbringes og er velkomne
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