Book your tour in GLASS KAYAK® in Jylland, Denmark here

Choose between morning, sunset, and full moon tours in completely see-through kayak/canoe hybrids. All tours last 1,5-2 hours including an introduction to the GLASS KAYAK®, as well as basic rowing and steering technique. Everyone can join our tours regardless of age and if you haven't tried rowing or sailing before! You'll borrow a swimming vest/buoyancy aid (size mini junior to XXL)

The season is from around May till August (depeding on the weather). There is no guarantee for clear water or perfect weather, as nature has a will of its own and, unfortunately, cannot be controlled. Therfore, no compensation is provided if the water is unclear, it is cloudy/rainy weather, etc. The tickets are non-refundable, but can in some cases be overturned to vouchers for later use in case of trips that are canceled/postponed by VisionKayak. By booking, you accept this, as well as the rest of our tour policies and terms and conditions. 
As a rule of thumb, the trips are best during westerly winds, and in windless weather (0-3 m/sec from all directions)

Please note: there's a limited number of seats on each trip! Booking well ahead of time is recommended
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