Morning tours 
in glass kayaks

Go explore underneath the surface of the Limfjord in Denmark in completely see-through kayaks - on of the only places in Europe!

Get an exciting and different experience in glass kayaks

Go explore the secret life beneath the surface in glass kayak on a morning tour at 10 o'Clock

Imagine sliding over the clear waters of the Limfjord, Denmark, in a giant bathy scope/window to life beneath the surface. Underneath you, crabs hurry over the varied bottom of the fjord, small sea anemones decorate areas with rocks, and the seaweed waves along the bottom. If you are lucky, you might spot a fish, a seal, or one of the special Limfjord Oysters. This is how it feels to row in the completely see-through, clear glass kayaks, that act as a window to the usually hidden and secret world under the surface of the Limfjord. It's almost like diving - just without getting soaked!

The more daylight, the easier it is to see through the water under the glass kayaks, so if you'd really like to go exploring, the morning tours are the tours for you! To go on the water in a glass kayak is a great way to enjoy a sunny day and the cooling breeze of the Limfjord, but it is also MAGICAL on the days with cloudy skies. It gives a different sort of calm and quiet. 

Everyone can join the morning tours in glass kayaks

The morning tours always starts at 10 o'Clock at Marienlyst Beach in Skive, Denmark (unless something else is written). The duration of the tours is 1,5-2 hours including a short introduction on land. This means that we'll be back at the beach before lunchtime, so if you have kids or others with you that gets hungry, this tour is great! Also, this makes for a great opportunity to visit some of the many great restaurants and cafées of Skive - or maybe enjoying a lunch pack/picnic at the beach with a panoramic view over the Limfjord after the tour. 

Like with all tours of VisionKayak, you do not need to have any experience with rowing or being on the water to join the tours. Before the morning tour, you'll get a short introduction to basic rowing technique and the glass kayas on land. You'll wear one of our great swimming vests on the tour, and we'll row on shallow water close to the shore/coast. The glass kayaks are wide, stable, open, and easy to steer, so they are safe for everyone to join the morning tour! There's always at least one tour leader from VisionKayak that comes with you on the tour. 

Experience the view from a glass kayak in the video below

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Are the glass kayaks actually made out of glass? 

No, luckily, it's not! The glass kayaks are made out of something much stronger: a material called polycarbonate, that you might know from bulletproof windows. This means that you do not need to worry about the glass kayak cracking underneath you if you hit a rock on the tour on the water. The material is very strong and flexible, and it lets a lot of light come through, which makes it very see-through! This is the biggest difference between a glass kayak and other, regular kayaks and canoes: the glass kayak is entirely see-through, so you can see everything that's happening around and underneath you. 


Where can I try a glass kayak? 

You can try a glass kayak by us - VisionKayak in Skive in Denmark by the Limfjord. You can buy tickets and book seats on one of our planned tours in the season from May to September. You can choose between morning tours, sunset tours, and full moon tours. VisionKayak is one of the only places in Europe you can try the glass kayaks. 


Try the glass kayaks on one of our tours

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