The view from a glass kayak

Experience flying above the bottom of the Limfjord

The glass kayaks works a giant bathyscopes or windows to the fjord, and on the tours we'll therefore get a unique insight to the secret life that's normally hidden below the surface. Here, you can go explore among the seaweed, count crabs, find sea anemones, and experience the variety of the bottom from sand to rocks. The water of the Limfjord is generally very nice and clear. The visibility is best on days with west wind (as we typically have in Denmark) or on days with no wind after days with wind from West. On days with East wind, which are very rare, the water will be more foggy, as the bottom of the fjord holds a lot of very fine particles. The smaller waves from the East wind will whirl these particles up in the water, thus making it seem unclear. It happens now and then, but then we'll just spend more time enjoying the view above the surface. 
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