Canoeing in Denmark: Rent a GLASS CANOE™ for canoe trips with children in Jutland (Jylland), Denmark (canoeing for families with both older and younger children is possible)

Can you bring your kids canoeing in Denmark? Yes, you sure can! Canoe trips with children is a fantastic way to spend quality time together as a family, and if there's something kids love - then it's definitely quality time with their parents and siblings! Everyone's attention and present when you rent a canoe and go canoeing with children. Family canoeing in Denmark is lovely, and canoeing with kids just gets even better in a glass bottom, see-through canoe!

When you rent a canoe and choose a canoe trip with children with VisionKayak the likelyhood of happy kids is even greater: our see-through glass bottom canoes act as giant windows to the otherwise hidden and secret marine life underneath the surface of the Limfjord in Jutland (Jylland), Denmark, so you and your family get to explore a completely hidden part of Denmark on these canoe trips. Explore the crabs hurrying across the bottom, mussels, seaweed, fjord shrimps, jellyfish, sea anemones and much more as you canoe over the Limfjord. At the same time, when you go canoeing and rent a canoe by us, you also get all the lovely parts of canoeing you know from regular canoes: chirping birds, a big sky, soft waves, and lots of nature. 

When you rent a canoe in Denmark by us, we have buoyancy aids ready for you to borrow and wear during your canoe trip. We have buoyancy aids in all sizes, so there's one for all family members for your canoe trip with children. We have orange life jackets for the smallest (size: Junior Mini 2-4 years), and regular swim vests (buoyancy aids) for size Junior 4-8 years, Small 8-12 years, M-XXL. Every buoyancy aid is European safety approved buoyancy aids from reliable brands like GUL and Crewsaver. We take good care of you when you rent a canoe and go canoeing on our canoe trips in Jutland (Jylland), Denmark, so you can have a relaxed and enjoyable time canoeing with you family.

VisionKayak is the first and original place in Denmark that offers canoe trips in the transparent and see-through canoes - and one of the only places in Europe you can go canoeing in a GLASS CANOE™ with your children.

Choose between three diffent types of canoe trips (all our canoe trips are family-friendly activities) in see-through canoes:
Morning canoe trips in GLASS CANOE™
Sunset canoe trips in GLASS CANOE™
Full moon canoe trips in GLASS CANOE™

Read our guide with our recommend steps to get a great time canoeing with kids further down the page.
Søanemone set fra GLASKAJAK® på tur med VisionKayak - ture og oplevelser i gennemsigtige kano-/kajakhybrider på Limfjorden ved Skive i Jylland. Fungerer som store vandkikkerter - glasbundskanoer eller glasbundskajakker, der lader dig gå på opdagelse i det ellers normalt hemmelige og skjulte liv under overfladen med dansk søanemoner, blåmuslinger og meget mere

What can you and your family experience and see during the canoe trip when renting a GLASS CANOE™ in Jutland (Jylland), Denmark, with your kids with VisionKayak?

Want to see your children with their noses pressed against the bottom of a see-through canoe, directing you to go left, right, back, and forward as they enthusiastically follow a crab that's hurrying across the rocks underneath you canoe? Then these canoe trips are definitely for you and your family!

Renting a canoe for a canoe trip in see-through canoes by VisionKayak gives you and your family a unique chance to explore the marine life that normally hidden underneath the surface of the Limfjord in Jutland (Jylland), Denmark. When you book and rent/hire a canoe with your family by us, you get to see everything that's normally hidden underneath a regular canoe's bottom. Our see-through, transparent, glass-bottom GLASS CANOE™ (also known as GLASS KAYAK® and seen on TV) acts a giant window to the marine life, so you get to explore everything that's going on underneath you and your family on your canoe trip. It's fun, educational, and fascinating for both children and adults!

You can for example see (depens on the season, temperature, wind etc.):
- Crabs hurrying across the ocean floor underneath your canoe
- Diffent types of jellyfish floating peacefully through the water
- Sea anemones wave up at you from the bottom
- Big areas with blue mussels spread out underneath your canoe
- Tiny fish
- Regular starfish if you're lucky!

At the same time, you get everything you know and love from renting regular canoes: birds, a big, open sky, lots of fresh air, the sound of waves, and lovely quality time with your family. Enjoy the beautiful coastline of the Limfjord from your rented canoe with forest all the way down to the water. 

The Limfjord in Jutland, Denmark: A safe place to rent a canoe for canoeing with your family

Safety is our top priority - so you can relax and have a nice time on the water when renting a canoe by VisionKayak and join our canoe trips with your family

Safety is the most important thing for us at VisionKayak when renting canoes out for our canoe trips. We care about keeping you and your family safe: so you can sleep calmly at night and feel safe bringing your kids canoeing in Denmark. 

A lot of other places it's very "DIY"-ish when you rent a canoe - and you might feel very alone and unsure how and where to begin. Not by us! You can only rent a canoe for our canoe trips. On our trips, you'll get an introduction to basic techniques for rowing your canoe with your family, and there's always at least one instructor with you on the trip to ensure safety, help with tips and tricks if needed, and answer any questions you might have about the area, about what you see in the water, technique etc. 

When renting a canoe by VisionKayak, everyone wears EU-safety approved buoyancy aids during the entire trip. We have buoyancy aids in all sizes from well-known and trusted brands like GUL and Crewsaver for you to borrow and wear during your canoe trip.

Our canoe trips are following rutes close to shore and the beach, we stay on shallow water, and we follow the beautiful tall coast which has forest and trees all the way down to the water. The coast is East-facing, which is perfect in Denmark, as the wind most of the time comes from West - so usually, the coast and the forest shelter us completely from the wind during the canoe trips. This makes it very safe and easy to row the canoe. The trips are on Skive Fjord, which is a smaller side-fjord to the Limfjord. This makes it very safe, shallow, and protected water with coast almost all the way around us. There are no scary undercurrents and little-to-no waves. It's the perfect conditions for a lovely experience with your family when you rent a canoe and join our canoe trips in Jutland (Jylland) in Denmark!
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