VisionKayak's gallery
Pictures from the tours in GLASS KAYAK®

Here, you get a small sneak peek of the beautiful coastline and the lovely tours in GLASS KAYAK® on the Limfjord. We've shared pictures of some of the stunning views, the animals, plants, and other nice things from VisionKayak's tours. Is it SO lovely here, and there's lots to see an enjoy, so please - treat yourself to experience it in real life for yourself! 

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions - anything from clothing to recommendations for guests

For children and families

We love having children and their families join our tours! Read more about bringing children and our family-friendly tours here.
Oplevelser med hund - hundevenlig aktivitet - kano/kajaktur med hund i GLASKAJAK på Limfjorden ved Skive i Jylland. Attraktion hvor hunde må medbringes og er velkomne

Dogs are welcome

The GLASS KAYAK® tours are dog-friendly activities. Read more about how to bring your dog with you on the tours here. 

What can we see on the tours?

Get a sneak peek at some of the aquatic animals and plants you can see on the tours in GLASS KAYAK® here
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