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Billede fra formiddagsture i glaskajak med VisionKayak
Morning tour
Explore the otherwise secret and hidden marine life underneath the surface of the Limfjord on the Morning Tours in see-through kayaks in Skive. Here in the daylight, you get the best opportunity to experience the aquatic life - and also enjoy the many birds in the forest right next to the water. Perfect for families with children! We meet at 10 o'Clock and are back around 12 o'Clock.
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Solnedgangstur i glaskajak med VisionKayak i Skive i Midtjylland/Nordjylland - en vandsportsaktivitet/oplevelse for par, familier og oplagt til kærestetur
sunset tour
Do you love a pretty sunset, too? Then the Sunset Tours are perfect for you - they are so stunning! Here, you can enjoy exploring the aquatic life of the Limfjord with the most beautiful background, as the many warm nuances of yellow and red from the sunset meet the cool colors of the night sky and later the brightest evening stars. The meeting time for the Sunset Tours varies through the season.
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full moon tour
Slide over the clear waters of the Limfjord in GLASS KAYAK® and experience the full moon from an entirely new angle. Here, you'll both get the beautiful sunset and the magical experience of rowing underneath the full moon in its silvery light. There's very few Full Moon Tours throughout the season, so book while you can! The meeting time for the Full moon tours varies through the season.
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VisionKayak's experiences in GLASS KAYAK® in short:

For all ages
Very suitable for kids
No experience is necessary to participate
Choose between 3 types of tours in GLASS KAYAK®
Safety is top priority 
Dogs are welcome
Instructor on the tours
Extraordinary experience
Stable and wide kayaks
See aquatic animals and plants
Nature and birds
Quality time together
First and originale place in Denmark
First and original place in Northern Europe
Children's vests from size 2 y/o. Adult vests from size S-XXL
Introduction to basic rowing and steering techniques 
Safe and protected waters
Unique coastline
SeE gallerY

VisionKayak: Tours in GLASS KAYAK® for children and adults

An unique experience - at the original place in DK

Get an unforgettable experience in completely see-through kayaks in the heart of Jutland on the crystal clear waters of the Limfjord by the city of Skive. Here, everyone young as old can join, and you do not need any kind of rowing or sailing experience to come on the trips! VisionKayak is the first place in Denmark and the rest of both Central- and Northern Europe that you can experience the see-through canoe/kayak-hybrids. 

Choose between three different types of tours: Morning, Sunset, or Full Moon Tours in GLASS KAYAK®.
You can choose between three different types of trips; morning- (10 o'Clock), sunset-, or full moon tours. You can read more about the different types of tours by clicking on the specific type further up on the page. The tours are in crystal clear glass kayaks, that acts as a giant window to the hidden life underneath the surface. You'll experience the seaweed wave along the bottom of the kayak, the fast crabs running over the bottom of the fjord, the special Limfjord oysters, and all the other marine life in the fjord. In other words; you'll get an amazing experience both above and below the surface, when you float along in the see-through, glass bottom kayaks.

Experience animals and plant both above and below the surface of the LimfjordExperience mussels, eelgrass, the endagered, native Limfjord oysters, crabs, and all the other aquatic life underneath the surface of the Limfjord. You can also experience the very rich bird life at the water front and in the forrest that grows right down to the Limfjord - for example with grey herons, common buzzard, or the very race king fisher. 
Here, you'll get a great experience both above and below water, as you enjoy a tour in GLASS KAYAK®.

Information about VisionKayak's tours in GLASS KAYAK®

It's the prefect experience for the entire family; the kayaks are stable and easy to steer, so you do not need to have any kind of rowing or sailing experience to join us.

You'll get a shot introduction to the glass kayaks and basic steering technique before we head out. We'll stay together during the entire trip and row in a speed that everyone can follow. We'll row on shallow water close to the shore, and we do of course have vests for you! There's room for two people in each kayak, so this is the perfect way to share an experience with someone dear.
We have vests from size junior to XXL, so all you have to do is meet us at Marienlyst Beach in Skive in swimwear, rainwear, or clothes that may become wet, as a little water will drip from the paddle for each stroke. Wear appropriate clothes that fits the weather.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions - anything from clothing to recommendations for guests

For children and families

We love having children and their families join our tours! Read more about bringing children and our family-friendly tours here.
Oplevelser med hund - hundevenlig aktivitet - kano/kajaktur med hund i GLASKAJAK på Limfjorden ved Skive i Jylland. Attraktion hvor hunde må medbringes og er velkomne

Dogs are welcome

The GLASS KAYAK® tours are dog-friendly activities. Read more about how to bring your dog with you on the tours here. 

What can we see on the tours?

Get a sneak peek at some of the aquatic animals and plants you can see on the tours in GLASS KAYAK® here
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