Frequently asked questions 

What trips can I try?

You can join multiple types of tours on Skive Fjord, which is a part of the Limfjord. You can choose between three types: morning- (10 o'Clock), sunset-, and full moon tours. You can find more information about them at the menu.

If you have special wishes for a trip or want to book a private event, you can contact us at hello@visionkayak.com
Do I need special skills or experiences to join the tours? 

No, everyone can join the tours! I'll give a short introduction to the glass kayaks and basic steering technique at land before we head out. We'll stay together in the group during the entire trip, we'll row close to the coast on shallow water, and then you can always ask questions during the trip. So there's no need for any rowing or sailing experience to join. 
What do I need to bring on the tours? 

Wear swimwear, rainwear, or clothes you don't mind getting wet depending on the weather, as the paddle drips a bit for each stroke you take. On the evening tours, I recommend you wear a waterproof layer on the legs, as it gets colder. Furthermore, I recommend bringing a bottle of water and a towel for sitting on in the car on your way back home after the trip. Remember to wear sunglass/sunhat and sunscreen on the morning tours, but please put on your sunscreen in advance, so it can dry completely before stepping into the kayak. 
You're more than welcome to bring whatever you like - maybe snacks or a camera? Just remember that the more stuff you bring, the less view you get through the bottom of the kayak, and that bringing things is at your own risk. 

If you'd like to bring a sweater or similar that you'd like to stay dry during the trip, you can buy a dry bag from us. I always bring a few for purchase at the beach, but if you know in advance you'd like to buy one or more please contact me. A drybag costs 100 DKK.
Is there a weight limit for the glass kayaks?  

Each kayak can carry 200 kg. This is distributed on two people, as the kayaks are tandem kayaks with two seats in each. If you are an even number of people (two, four, six or the like...) that knows each other, you'll row with someone you know. However, if you're an uneven number (three, five..), you must be prepared for either rowing alone or with someone you don't know if there a multiple groups of odd-numbered people. This is a great opportunity to make new friends! 

If the weight limit is problematic for being two people, the see-through kayaks can also be rowed alone. It does however cost a small extra fee of 150 DKK, as cleaning, packing, and preparing the kayak is the same work no matter if one or two people has been sitting in the kayak. Furthermore, you have to be confident that you can get in and out of the kayak by yourself and that you can row the entire trip. 
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